Artémix is committed to providing airbrush temporary tattoo artists with everything needed to start a successful body art entertainment business.

Exceptional Products

Artémix pioneered the model of body art as entertainment and has flourished since 1998 because we have the highest standards in the business.

In addition to a strict emphasis on outstanding customer service, our commitment to using only high-quality materials is essential to our success.

Artémix uses only exceptional products to build our professional airbrush kits. Our airbrush temporary tattoo ink is made in the USA, contains only FDA approved ingredients, and uses only cosmetic grade pigments and dyes. None of our products contain PPD, or “black henna.”

Our temporary tattoo ink and cosmetic grade glitter are safe, gentle, and long lasting.

To top it all off, every single product we use - down to the cosmetic sponges - has been tested by our expert artists for pigment quality, ease of application, durability, comfort, and efficiency.

Comprehensive Guidance

Artémix ensures that every one of our PROs receives comprehensive support and top quality equipment and materials. We believe in sharing the hard-won wisdom of our over 15 years of business.

The Artémix Airbrush Temporary Tattoo System is a complete “Business in a Box” so our ArtémixPROs can skip the learning curve and start doing outstanding work right away.

That is why our temporary tattoo airbrush equipment never arrives at a new ArtémixPRO’s door alone: it comes with marketing materials, comprehensive tutorials, and our pledge to collaborate with each ArtémixPRO directly if challenges arise.

Creativity & Innovation

The body art entertainment industry is evolving, and Artémix is at the vanguard of creativity and innovation. Our Artémix Palette, patent pending, makes body art application easy and inspiring, and it’s like nothing the industry has seen before.

Our all-inclusive “business in a box” airbrush system is the first and only of its kind.

Artémix works with PROs and body art experts to come up with exciting ideas for body art entertainment that clients will love. Our UV Blacklight Tattoos, Color Hair Streaking, and Special Effects Body Painting are in high demand, and we are always exploring ideas for the next big body art craze.

Most importantly, Artémix values the input of our PROs. From creative new body art techniques to ideas on problem-solving, our team knows that the best and most effective transformation comes from listening to the amazing artists that use our products and systems every day.

Artémix remains devoted to excellence in our products, outstanding customer service, and innovation in all areas of body art entertainment.

Dream big and never, ever give up.
— Tina Klideris, Artémix President & CEO